I know there have been a few topics on the GridPanel loading times but I have a different situation that I would like your advice on. I have a gridpanel that is built dynamically and can contain up to 30,000 records, which can be edited using the GridPanel editor functionality. I had this implemented using server-side paging so only 500 records were returned at one given time and it worked OK.

I now have to implement a copy/paste facility from Excel to update all the data that could be returned, not just the visible records. I have the paste functionality working but as my store only contains 500 records I need a way for my store to contain all my data. I have tried implementing client side paging (returning all data but paging on the client) which works OK for a couple of hundred records but not 30,000 records as I get the javascript "a script is causing your page to run slowly message".

Do you have any suggestions on how I can implement this requirement? I can provide code samples if necessary but it relies on the backend database.

Thank you