[CLOSED] How can I download a zip file by calling a shared direct method (VB.NET) ?

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    [CLOSED] How can I download a zip file by calling a shared direct method (VB.NET) ?

    Can you post an example to download a runtime generated zip file by calling a shared direct method?

    Thank you,
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    Please review how the .zip files are created and sent during a source code download within the Examples Explorer.

    Or, you could get things started and create a simplified code sample demonstrating as much of the scenario as possible. We will take a look at your code sample and attempt to fill in the piece that is not working for you.
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    Does the following sample help solve the problem:


    When you get a chance, please edit the code sample in your last post as it is unreadable and was throwing an Exception so I was unable to test.
    Geoffrey McGill

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