[CLOSED] Error executing child request for handler 'Ext.Net.SelfRenderingPage

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    [CLOSED] Error executing child request for handler 'Ext.Net.SelfRenderingPage

    The context is the same I have exposed in my past post.
    n my cshtml file i have the following code in script section :
      var exportExcel = function() {
                    url: "ExportExcel",
                    cleanRequest: true,
                    isUpload: true,
                    params: {
                        //data: Ext.getCmp('ComboBoxFilter').rawValue
                        data: App.gridAllBdg.getRowsValues()
    in the page code i have a button deslared as shown below :
    and in the controller I have the direct method declared as shown below :
     public ActionResult ExportExcel(string data)
                return this.Direct();
    Wneh the direct method pass the control to the main page I got the error in the line of the cshtml layout invoking the ResourceManager:
    that says
    Error executing child request for handler 'Ext.Net.SelfRenderingPage'.
    The problem seems related to the Respose.End() that is necessary to close the stream od the exported excel file.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance for help.
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    Hello Marco,

    The context is the same I have exposed in my past post.
    I'm not sure what thread you were referring to, but unfortunately I was unable to get your code sample working.

    When you're able to post a simplified (and working) sample demonstrating as much of the scenario as possible, we will take another look.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    In ASP.NET the problem can be solved putting in the code behind the following code :
    Public Overrides Sub VerifyRenderingInServerForm(ByVal control As System.Web.UI.Control)
    ' empty, needed for export2Excel to work.
    End Sub
    How can I do the same thing in ext.net?
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    I believe the VerifyRenderingInServerForm Method is native ASP.NET and is still available to use in Ext.NET.

    Ext.NET controls shouldn't require this call, although I'm still unsure about your scenario because a proper code sample has not been supplied.
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    Geoffrey McGill
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