[CLOSED] Custom Panel Tool?

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    [CLOSED] Custom Panel Tool?

    Hi kids,

    Is there some way I can create my own CSS classes for those nifty title bar Tool thingies? ExtJS docs say you can create your own: http://www.extjs.com/deploy/ext-3.0-...xt.Panel-tools.

    But the Type property of Tool only accepts a Coolite.Ext.Web.ToolType enum, so no space for any custom wizardry here.

    Hopefully I'm overlooking something and there's still a way to make things happen?

    thanks in advance, peace
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    RE: [CLOSED] Custom Panel Tool?


    We have added 'CustomType' string property to the Tool class. Please update from SVN
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    RE: [CLOSED] Custom Panel Tool?

    Much obliged. I take it this is the 0.8.2 branch? I forgot to mention we're still on 0.8.2.* ...

    edit: figured it out. Thank again boys. Great work

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