[CLOSED] Grid Performance - Refresh fired twice

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    [CLOSED] Grid Performance - Refresh fired twice

    We have several pages in our app with grids and they are SLOW in IE. When I run the profiler, I notice the Refresh function is called twice. When grid is rendered, there's a defer call to Refresh from grid.ApplyFirstRefresh. When data is loaded, the grid is also refreshed. So in the case where data is loaded through memory proxy, the grid is refreshed by data load, then immediately refreshed again by the deferred refresh. Seems like the deferred refresh is not needed. By cancelling the second refresh, the page load time went from 1.7s to 1s.
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    Hi @jchau,

    Interesting, a couple of days again the same question has been asked and here is an answer:
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    Thanks! I used another workaround. I set the view's deferInitialRefresh = false so that will make the view refresh happen right away when no data has been loaded yet so that refresh is very fast. Then the data load happens and the real refresh does work.

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