[CLOSED] Error in Examples Explorer

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    [CLOSED] Error in Examples Explorer


    We just verified in your examples explorer regarding GridPanel Cell ToolTip and GridPanel Row ToolTip.
    Regarding these both are not working (i.e) Tooltip is not displayed on mouseover, mouse click etc.
    We don't know how Ext team missed this to check in your samples. :(
    Please check this and revert us!!


    Please check in IE especially!!!
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    Hi @speedstepmem4,

    Thank you for the report! It has been fixed already:

    Please update from the SVN trunk.
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    NuGet and Examples Explorer

    Thank you for your prompt response, but we wonder why this is not working (or updated) in your examples explorer!

    Examples not working as expected:

    We refer Ext.Net in our application through Nuget. Please confirm the latest build is updated in NuGet as we are not able to see Ext.Net in
    updates section of Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager Console.

    Please confirm us!!!
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    The Examples Explorers will be updated with the upcoming 3.1.0 release.

    We fix examples online if it doesn't require updating of dlls. Fixing the examples that you mentioned it requires updating of dlls.

    Ext.NET in NuGet is updated on a public release only. To deal with the latest Ext.NET, please use the SVN trunk.

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