[FIXED] [#724] [3.1.0] Problem with DirectEventDurationMessages

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    [FIXED] [#724] [3.1.0] Problem with DirectEventDurationMessages

    I found one peoblem with DirectEventDurationMessages when used with GridPanel Proxy.
    I make new page with exactly same code found in example: http://examples.ext.net/#/GridPanel/...ling/Overview/

    There is Grid with:

          <ext:JsonReader RootProperty="data" />
    And when I have on page:

    <ext:ResourceManager ID="ResourceManager1" runat="server">
        <ext:DurationMessage Duration="500" Message="Loading..." />
    page halts after load. Completly freeze! No control working on page.

    When I remove DirectEventDurationMessages from ResouceManager, it works normally.

    I guess that proxy loading is in some conflict with DirectEventDurationMessages so something dont work. Could you inspect this?
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    What is 'DirectEventDurationMessages'? Ext.Net has no such property
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    That is new feature in version 3

    Maybe I am using it wrongly, but it works properly. Except with grid panel proxy.
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    Hmm, it seems i missed it somehow
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Hi everybody,

    I will check this out.
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    Thank you for the report! Created an Issue - DurationMessages might freeze a page if there is a PageProxy.

    Fixed in the revision 6368 (trunk). It goes to 3.1.0.

    Please note that a GridPanel's mask doesn't support duration messages. We hope to get it working in the future release, but, probably, not for 3.1.0. This thread will be updated with a follow-up if we get it working finally.

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