Coolite MVC Deployment

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    Coolite MVC Deployment

    We are using the Coolite MVC demo project as a template for a site we're creating here at work. The site works well in development but when we deploy it, we get this instead of the page that's supposed to come up.

    Northind Traders Web Administration v0.8 using:

    Coolite Toolkit v0.8

    ExtJS v2.2.1

    ASP.NET MVC V1.0
    Many icons provided by FamFamFam under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
    Source code for the Coolite.Toolkit.MVC project is release by Coolite Inc, under an MIT open source license, see license.

    Download project source code from GoogleCode, see

    Licensing information and download of the Coolite Toolkit for ASP.NET is available at

    Any ideas?
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    RE: Coolite MVC Deployment


    Unfortunately, no. I think that is the content of the Help window.

    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    RE: Coolite MVC Deployment

    First hello to all f. users.

    @Mike can you post your Web.config file?
    I recently start working on Coolite and MVC but maybe you have some issues with config as I had.

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    RE: Coolite MVC Deployment


    regarding to the MVC Coolite project I have a quesiton.
    One big reason for using the MVC-Pattern are the possibilities to use Unit Tests.

    Can anybody tell me about experience with Coolite and Unit-Tests?

    I am searching something like the Selenium IDE, but Ive read several times,
    that the Selenium IDE hast problems to detect the div-IDs ExtJS, cause the can change from pageload to pageload.


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    RE: Coolite MVC Deployment

    Please check does ExtJs script loaded to your web page?... You can use firebug to see if any error on script loading


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