File Upload Dialog

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    RE: File Upload Dialog

    How to restrict it to add only one file and how to get uploaded fileName
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    RE: File Upload Dialog

    FYI - The <ext:FileUploadField> has been added to the upcoming v0.8 release.

    Not a fancy as this File Upload Dialog, but does provide solid functionality.

    A FileUploadField sample has been committed to the examples explorer in svn, see

    trunk\Coolite.Examples\Examples\Form\FileUploadFie ld\Basic\

    I'll link to the live example as soon as we publish v0.8 of the Examples Explorer.


    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    RE: File Upload Dialog

    Has anyone tried this with an MVC project? I am struggling to get it working properly. I can see that the control is being rendered into the page okay but the script that creates the javascript object is not being rendered.
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    RE: File Upload Dialog

    Sorted it, I had no form tag. Now I just need to get the icons passing through MVC routes.
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    RE: File Upload Dialog

    I have got it all working now.

    I did find a few bugs when getting everything working how I wanted. In FileUploadModule.cs, about Line 107 in OnProcessPostFile the following line:

    Context.Response.Write(string.Format("{'success':false,'error':\"{0}\"}", Coolite.Utilities.StringUtils.Enquote(e.Message)));

    should read (note the double escaping on {{ and }}):

    Context.Response.Write(string.Format("{{'success':false,'error':\"{0}\"}}", Coolite.Utilities.StringUtils.Enquote(e.Message)));

    The next problem I am trying to fix is that this data is put into the stream but then a ThreadAbortException occurs on Context.Response.End() which causes the Exception HTML to be put into the response (attempted to modify headers) which then measns the JSON object is broken on the client.

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    RE: File Upload Dialog

    Are you guys planning to update it to 1.0?

    To Geoff: Will you guys be officially including it in 1.0?
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    RE: File Upload Dialog

    Hi ,
    Hello I'm testing your upload but returns this error

    A Control with an ID of "ctl00_content_FileUploadDialog1" has already been initialized. Please ensure that all Controls have a unique id.

    The following Control has the same ID as at least one other Control on the Page. All Controls must have a unique ID.

    Control Details

    ID: FileUploadDialog1.
    ClientID: ctl00_content_FileUploadDialog1
    Type: FileUploadDialog

    Parent Control Details

    ID: content
    ClientID: ctl00_content
    Type: ContentPlaceHolder

    by chance do you know why?

    Thanks a lot
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    RE: File Upload Dialog

    Hi all.
    I want to create web user control with type: upload multi file which use on the page (not dialog ).
    This control have function same as File Upload Dialog but i want to use it on a page.
    Thanks for help.
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    Hi All.

    I run this project. When use Upload Dialog of Server Control. I can't drag and move more than on full screen. I only move limited on screen.
    When use Upload Dialog of Javascript. I can drag and move everyplace on screen. How to change and fix to move every place on screen with Upload Dialog when using Server Control ?
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    v2.0 MVC Support

    Is this implementable in v2.0 for MVC? I tried to port it over but the coolite and references don't quite port over
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