[CLOSED] Converting ASP WebSite: Question

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    [CLOSED] Converting ASP WebSite: Question

    This is an open ended thread (sort of). We finally released our first Ext.NET website a little over a month ago and our end users are blown away with the look and feel. It has been a long road. The Customer Request Tracking System (CRTS) website was a total rewrite of an existing ASP.NET application. Being a total rewrite the new CRTS is a single ASPX using the ext:Viewport with lots of ascx and ashx files.

    I have now begun to add ext.net controls into our primary website that has not been touched since 2005. It is a lot of asp:table, row and cells handling the layouts. I first began replacing the asp:Button and ext:Button and changing various direct events. Already with just a couple of changes the website looks better.

    I was reading a couple of threads and noticed that you commented to not have any asp:UpdatePanels. Should that be the next item I tackle?

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    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the excellent feedback! We are happy to hear you have released the product and it is well-adopted by your customers!

    Yes, I think getting rid of UpdatePanels is a very important task and you could start with that. Here is a bit more about mixing Ext.NET and UpdatePanels:
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    Please close the thread.

    The conversion from ASP.NET to Ext.NET is going surprisingly well. Just converted the dynamic main menu in asp:Menu to ext:Menu and ext:MenuItems. I am now trying to get our primary page to show under the new MasterPage before converting it. It is primarily asp:tables. Reading threads about layout issues.

    Almost there ...

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