Date Field Auto Complete?

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    Date Field Auto Complete?

    I have this problem. I setup a datefield and set my format like this


           <ext:DateField ID="DateField3" runat="server" Width="200" Format='YYYY-mm-dd'  InvalidText= "Invalid Format. YYYY-mm-dd" >                               
    But the problem I have is when I enter an invalid date like 2009-10-45 and press tab it automatically fix the date to 2009-10-4

    And even worse when I enter something like 2009-50-50 and press tab I get some random date 7876-00-31 !!!

    Is there a way to truly parse the date? Im using C#.

    Im evaluating coolite for purchase and so far the coolite documentation and the few examples arent making the deal.
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    RE: Date Field Auto Complete?

    Hi kowi,

    I you use a .NET DateTime format specifier you should get better results.


        InvalidText= "Invalid Format. yyyy-MM-dd"
    Hope this helps.

    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    RE: Date Field Auto Complete?


    Ty for the answer.

    The format really isnt the problem it works fine, the problem that bugs me is when I Introduce a date that is in range of the format(yyyy-MM-dd) like 2009-15-29 but not valid (since theres no month 15) it auto fix it to a random date. Is there a way to stop doing this ? Like just leave the error and the red line around the control + the tooltip saying format is wrong.

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