Licencing as a consultant?

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    Licencing as a consultant?

    Hi Coolite Core Development Team

    We are a consulting firm. We have a developer that has developed an application which uses the tree-view control for a client of ours. The application was...
    1. Developed at the client site.
    2. Will only be used internally by the client.
    3. The source will be maintained by the client.

    Will the Community Edition License be what is required?

    Kind Regards
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    RE: Licencing as a consultant?

    Yes that will be enough. Here a glance form Coolite community license


    The Coolite Community Edition may be appropriate for your project if you:</p>

    • develop and distribute open-source GPL 3.0 compatible software.
    • use the software for personal testing, training or demonstration purposes.
    • develop software for personal use.
    • develop software for use only within your organization or company, under the following (GPL applied) terms:

    1. The software must not be accessible by any persons outside your organization
      or company, and
    2. The software must be developed exclusively by your organization "on-site".
      Transferring a copy of your software to another organization or individual
      "off-site", including contractors, is considered distribution.
      More info
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