Refresh column with renderer

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    Refresh column with renderer

    I have a grid with some columns which have renderer defined. Now when I try to update a row on which some server side function changes data, all columns are updated in UI, except those with renderer defined. How can I client refresh grid column with renderer?
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    If you could provide a simple example of your code it would be great.
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    Thank you very much for trying to help me. While I was preparing sample for you I noticed that in sample everything works as expected. I simply could not reproduce the behavior. Then I returned back to my project. And after hours of testing I finally spotted the problem. The problem was that I was displaying less columns then I had in my model, but some of those non displayed fields had impact on some columns via renderer. Since I was using standard mechanism to update one row in grid:
    var record = App.ObjectsGrid.getSelectionModel().selected.items[0];
    var index = App.ObjectsGrid.getStore().indexOf(record);
    var r = App.ObjectsGrid.getStore().getAt(index);
    r.beginEdit(); data;  <-- there was a problem
    I just changed problematic line to:
    r.raw = data;
    and suddenly everything started to work like a charm. :)

    Thanks again.
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    Excellent! Please, feel free to search or ask the forum if further help is needed.

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