[CLOSED] [#636] Difference between DirectMethod request params and Ajax request params

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    Sorry. yes, it does deserialize correctly. I think last time I tried as I was modifying in the debugger, I didn't update the value being used by the rest of the code, I just looked at a local value. This time I made sure, and the response came back showing a correctly serialized object which included the nested data. So, yeah, the recursive property could be useful...!
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    Added the recursive option. Please set to true for a recursive call of Ext.Object.toQueryString on preparation of request's parameters. Defaults to false. Applicable only if encode is false.

    Please try that out for nested objects.

    A global setting is available as well.
    Ext.net.DirectEvent.recursive = true;
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    Got latest and tried it. Seems to work very nicely. Many thanks. I think you can mark this closed. Appreciate all your help.
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    Thanks for confirming!

    We really appreciate your question and help on implementing that!

    It is awesome that we now have those additional options.
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