Hi everybody!

I have a coolite portal with several portlets on the center region of a coolite border layout. Some portlets have locally defined body (with asp.net controls inside), some others have autoload. In the topbar of the region I have a toolbar with two coolite controls. A button with a menu and a coolite label.

When the user selects an option from the coolite menu in the topbar I need to go to the server with ajax and load some info from database, depending on that info i have to update both the coolite label on the topbar and the contents of some of the portlets (the ones with asp cpntrols in their body).

I have succesfully achieved this by using AjaxMethods to update the coolite label and updatePanel in the portlets body, but they establish two different roundtrips to the server. One using the coolite AjaxMethods and one using Asynchronous postback on aspīs scriptmanager.

Is there any way to achieve this in one single roundtrip? Aka, getting the AjaxMethod to notify aspīs scriptmanager of an asynchronous postback (that could eventually perfom an update on some updatepanels ) or get the asynchronous postback to refresh coolite controls?

Any help would be apreciated :)... And hello again! It has been a while since my last post. Itīs nice to see how the toolkit is growing in extension and power day by day. Congratulations for the superb work!