[CLOSED] The function "addScript" causing the error "Syntax Error"

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    [CLOSED] The function "addScript" causing the error "Syntax Error"


    I'm migrating my application from the Ext version 2.5.3 to version 3.0.0 and I have the following problem. The surface of the application contains a various control elements of Ext, eg Panels, Trees etc.. Depending on the choice of the user is generated via an Ajax call additional controls over Javascript-Code. The javascript code is passed via the method "addScript" of the ResourceManager to the client. Then the message appears in the IE browser:

    JavaScript critical error in (unknown source location)

    SCRIPT1002: Syntax error

    The added script code has no error. With Fiddler, I noticed that he supplied script code is embedded in the method "Ext.onReady". But it contains additionally the two strings "<#: anchor id =" ExtNetOnReadyBegin">" and <#: anchor id = "ExtNetOnReadyEnd"> " that causes the error.

    abstract from Fiddler

    scriptStartupBlock|ScriptContentWithTags|{"text":" Ext.onReady(function(){\u003c#:anchor id=\"ExtNetOnReadyBegin\" /\u003eExt.net.DirectEvent.showFailure = Ext.emptyFn;Ext.ns(\"Ext.net.DirectMethods\");

    --additional scriptcode

    \u003c#:anchor id=\"ExtNetOnReadyEnd\" /\u003e});","type":"text/javascript"}|
    With the Ext version 2.5.3, this error does not occur. Can somebody help me, to solve this problem.

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