Window Panel auto width

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    Window Panel auto width

    Has anyone else run in to any problems using the Window, with the panel's AutoWidth and AutoHeight set to true? The markup I have used is shown below.

    The problem I have, is that the window appears across the width of the screen, but it is just grey. The content doesn't seem to be there.

    What is the correct approach for having the window size itself automatically to the width and height of the content within it?

    Thanks, Tas

    <ext:Window ID="Window_TopMenuItem" runat="server" Icon="Application" Title="Top Menu Item"
                    Center&#111;nload="true" Modal="True" Show&#111;nload="false" BodyStyle="padding: 10px;" AutoHeight="True" AutoWidth="True">
                        <table cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" border="0">
                                <td><h3>Top Menu Item</h3></td>
                                <td style="width:100%;">
                                    <div class="ScrollableBox" style="height:245px; width:496px;">
                                        <ignav:UltraWebTree id="UltraWebTree_ParentMenuItems" runat="server" Width="96%" SkinID="skinUltraWebTree">
                                                <ignav:Node Text="Top Menu Item" Expanded="true" CssClass="MenuItemStyle"></ignav:Node>
                                <td align="right">
                                    <asp:Button SkinID="skinButton" ID="Button_SelectParentMenuItem_Select" runat="server" Text="Select" Width="75px" &#111;nclick="Button_SelectParentMenuItem_Select_Click" />
                                    &amp;nbsp;<asp:Button SkinID="skinButton" ID="Button_SelectParentMenuItem_Cancel" runat="server" Text="Cancel" Width="75px" />

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    RE: Window Panel auto width

    I have exactly the same problem in IE, but it works in Firefox. The problem is only with AutoWidth property. AutoHeight works in both browsers. Any solution?
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    RE: Window Panel auto width

    I guess this is the answer: (#9)

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