[CLOSED] Can't open sources from trunk in VS2010

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    [CLOSED] Can't open sources from trunk in VS2010

    Hello All,

    I downloaded the latest version of 2.x from trunk and can't normally open solution. Ext.Net.Examples.csproj is opened normally, but Ext.Net.csproj.user and Ext.Net.Examples.MVC.csproj can't be opened because MSVS reported an error "This project is incompatible with the current version of Visual Studio"

    How I can compile the latest version from trunk in MSVS2010?

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    Hi again,

    Please disregard this message. In your letter with the license it was stated that Ext 2.x sources are located at trunk, but now I see that they were moved to branch/2. I got sources from there and now all is working.

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    Hi Alexander,

    Sorry for the inconvenience with this SVN locations change.

    We've now created this thread - New SVN locations for Ext.NET v2.x and v3.x sources.

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