I want to show a notification that will stay on the screen always. I do not want to give the user the ability to close the notification window manually. The notification will go away automatically if a certain condition on the page is met.

My use case is the following:
Page with grid and a button that selects all rows across all pages in the grid (it really just selects all rows in current page but we keep track of this action and handle it later on the server side). When that happens, a notification will show that reminds the user all pages are selected. That notification will go away automatically when they clear the selection in the grid.

            pinEvent: 'none',
            html: 'You have selected 1,000 items across all pages',
            title: ''          

With above code, I still get a close button on the window. If autoHide: true, then that won't happen but I dont want the window to autohide at all.

EDIT: this would still be nice to have but we decided to try another approach so no hurry on this issue.