[CLOSED] Moving from ext 1.x to 2.x

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    [CLOSED] Moving from ext 1.x to 2.x

    I am moving from ext 1.x to 2.x and hopefully to 3.x soon. I need help converting to some of the new components particularly with layouts. my project uses layout heavily such as 'ext:RowLayout' and 'ext:LayoutRows' here a sample i need help with

    <ext:Viewport ID="ViewPort1" runat="server">
                    <ext:RowLayout ID="RowLayout1" runat="server" Split="true">
                            <ext:LayoutRow RowHeight="0.50">
                                <ext:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server" Title="Charts" Icon="ChartBar" Layout="Fit">
                                        <ext:Panel ID="chartPanel1" 
                                            runat="server" Border="false" 
                            <ext:LayoutRow RowHeight="0.50">
                                    <ext:Toolbar ID="Toolbar1" runat="server">
                                                <ext:ComboBox ID="txtYear" runat="server" EmptyText="[SELECT YEAR]">
                                                        <Select OnEvent="txtYear_Select">
                                                            <EventMask ShowMask="true" Msg="Gathering data, please wait..." />
                                                <ext:ComboBox ID="txtTerm" runat="server" EmptyText="[SELECT TERM]">
                                                        <Select OnEvent="txtTerm_Select">
                                                            <EventMask ShowMask="true" Msg="Gathering data, please wait..." />
                                                <ext:ComboBox ID="txtClassID" runat="server" EmptyText="[SELECT GRADELEVEL]">
                                                        <Select OnEvent="txtClassID_Select">
                                                            <EventMask ShowMask="true" Msg="Gathering data, please wait..." />
                                                <ext:ToolbarFill />
                                        runat="server"  StripeRows="true" TrackMouseOver="true"
                                        Border="false" AutoExpandColumn="SubjectName" ColumnLines="true"
                                            <ext:Store ID="Store2" runat="server" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1">
                                                    <ext:JsonReader IDProperty="ID">
                                                            <ext:RecordField Name="GRADELEVEL" Type="Int" />
                                                            <ext:RecordField Name="SUBJECTNAME" />
                                                            <ext:RecordField Name="GENDER" />
                                                            <ext:RecordField Name="AVERAGE" Type="Float" />
                                                            <ext:RecordField Name="COHORT" Type="Int" />
                                                            <ext:RecordField Name="RANGE1" Type="Int" />
                                                            <ext:RecordField Name="RANGE2" Type="Int" />
                                                            <ext:RecordField Name="RANGE3" Type="Int" />
                                                            <ext:RecordField Name="RANGE4" Type="Int" />
                                                            <ext:RecordField Name="RANGE5" Type="Int" />
                                        <ColumnModel ID="ColumnModel2" runat="server">
                                                <ext:NumberColumn DataIndex="GRADELEVEL" Header="GRADELEVEL" Width="90" Format="0" Align="Center"/>
                                                <ext:Column DataIndex="GENDER" Header="GENDER"  Width="90"/>                                            
                                                <ext:Column ColumnID="SubjectName" DataIndex="SUBJECTNAME" Header="SUBJECTS" />
                                                <ext:Column DataIndex="AVERAGE" Header="AVERAGE" Width="90" Align="Center">
                                                    <Renderer Fn="change"/> 
                                                <ext:NumberColumn DataIndex="COHORT" Header="COHORT" Format="0" Width="90" Align="Center"/>
                                                <ext:NumberColumn DataIndex="RANGE1" Header="80-100" Format="0%" Width="60" Align="Center"/>
                                                <ext:NumberColumn DataIndex="RANGE2" Header="70-79" Format="0%" Width="60" Align="Center"/>
                                                <ext:NumberColumn DataIndex="RANGE3" Header="60-69" Format="0%" Width="60" Align="Center"/>
                                                <ext:NumberColumn DataIndex="RANGE4" Header="50-59" Format="0%" Width="60" Align="Center"/>
                                                <ext:NumberColumn DataIndex="RANGE5" Header="0-49" Format="0%" Width="60" Align="Center"/>
                                        <LoadMask ShowMask="true" />
                                            <ext:RowSelectionModel ID="RowSelectionModel1" runat="server" SingleSelect="true" />
                                    <Expand Handler="#{Store2}.reload();" />
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    Please see Item #34 of the Breaking Changes for Release 2.0.0.


    Using the VBoxLayout may be a better solution than RowLayout.

    As well, when posting in the forums, please ensure you post all code samples inside [CODE] tags. More information is available in the Forum Guidelines.

    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    There is also the item #127.
    127. A RowLayout has been removed. Use an AnchorLayout or a VBoxLayout instead.
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    Thank you!

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