GridPanel Grouping Column-Data Dynamic

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    GridPanel Grouping Column-Data Dynamic

    I ll develop new web project and i want to use extnet. But in my web project, users must grouping GridPanel columns dynamic like devexpress GridsViews.

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    Can i do that with extnet?
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    Hi @smyy,

    Welcome to the Ext.NET forums!

    Please review our GridPanel Grouping example.

    P.S. If you want to use Ext.NET in the future, you might be interested to read this.
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    Hi @Daniil

    Unfortunately, this example is not enough. For example, if user want to group datas for Available, how can do it?

    This subject is very important. If i could that with exnet, i ll buy licence extnet instead of devexpress licence.
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    Yes i found my question. User can group one column dynamic.

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    Can user grouping for more column? For example grouping light and indoor?
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    Unfortunately, there is still no support for grouping by multiple columns in core Ext.NET and ExtJS.

    There is some user extension available. Here is a small discussion about that with the link to that extension.

    I don't know it is updated to ExtJS 5 or not (to be used with Ext.NET v3).
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    Thanks @Daniil

    Yesterday i found it. I dont know why but i cant download attached files in sencha forum.

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    I send mail to sencha support about this but no reply yet.

    Can u help me, can u attach this files?
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    Please clarify have you recently registered on the Sencha forums? Maybe, your account waits for an approval by moderator indeed?

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