[CLOSED] Change Tab Name

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    [CLOSED] Change Tab Name


    I had tab in a page and I am loading different pages(aspx) to that in iframe mode.
    and I want to change the tab title when a page in the tab panel is redirected to a new page, for that I need to catch the tab control which is in the parent page.

    Can anyone tell me how to catch the tab control and change the title.

    I am able to add the title when a new page is loaded to the tab but I want to change the title when there is a navigation with in the tab (page)...

    Thanks in adnvace
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    RE: [CLOSED] Change Tab Name


    Please pay attention that it will work if parent page and auto loaded page are placed in one domain

    Listen Update listener for Tab
    <Update Handler="this.setTitle(e.iframe.dom.contentWindow.location.href);" />

    Also you can define js function in all autoLoaded pages which get title
    <Update Handler="var f=e.iframe.dom.contentWindow; this.setTitle(f.getTitle() || f.location.href);" />

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