Help to create tabs programmatically

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    Help to create tabs programmatically

    Hi, I have a new question...

    I have a viewport with a accordeon menu in the left region and a tabpanel in the center region. In each panel in accordeon menu, I have some links (it could be buttons or whatever, I don't care). When I click in a link, a new tab should be created in tabpanel.

    I think I would need to use ExtJS to do this (there is any way to make with Coolite?), but I would like to keep the coolite viewport, accordeon and tabpanel (I'm not able to make everything with ExtJS, my experience with JavaScript is very short). Will I be able to add extjs tabs to a Coolite tabpanel?

    Have you got an example of something like what I want to do or give me a hint? I would really appreciate that.

    As always, thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english
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    RE: Help to create tabs programmatically

    Any hint?

    Maybe I didn't explain it well... I need adding tabs programmatically in a tabPanel, something like the Examples explorer. Are you going to upload the source code of the explorer? It would be very useful for me, but I would appreciate any kind of hint.

    Thanks in advance!

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    RE: Help to create tabs programmatically

    Hi, Lub, i'm with the same problem days ago, but no response yet.

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    RE: Help to create tabs programmatically

    I hope you can find a solution, I'm still looking for :)

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