[CLOSED] Problem with BeforeSelect on the Grid

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    [CLOSED] Problem with BeforeSelect on the Grid

    Hi all

    I need to check the State of some data in a Master/Detail View.
    The Master View Element is a GridPanel, the Detail a FormPanel. I to the check on the Grid's BeforeSelect Listener. In case of Invalid Data the Method returns false...

            <BeforeSelect Handler="CheckPositionValidity(item,record,index);" />
            <SelectionChange Handler="loadItemDetail(item, selected); " />
    It doesn't matter if the BeforeSelect returns true or false, the Selection Change is triggered. I also tried to use the Select Event - same problem.

    Any Idea on how I can prevent the Selection Change in case of non valid Detail Data ?

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    Any Ideas ?
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    Hi Peter,

    The BeforeSelect handler doesn't return anything.

    Please use:
    <BeforeSelect Handler="return CheckPositionValidity(item,record,index);" />
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    Well, yes :-/

    It seems to work now !

    Daniil - have a nice weekend

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