[CLOSED] Get URL from form to load in new window

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    [CLOSED] Get URL from form to load in new window


    I'm following the load external website example (http://mvc.ext.net/#/Window_Basic/Lo...ernal_Website/)

    I have it working however want to be able to get the url to load from a textfield entry. Code so far is

    for the button and form field and

            .Title("Company Website")
                .LoadMask(lm => lm.ShowMask = true)
    for the window, if there is an easier way to gain this functionality without the button I'd be happy to do it that way

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    Hi @OriCoder,


    1. Remove the Url of ComponentLoader
    2. Set .AutoLoad(false) for the ComponentLoader
    3. Set this for the Button:

    .Handler("App.WebsiteWindow.show(); App.WebsiteWindow.load(App.Website.getValue());")
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    Works a treat, thanks!

    You can now close off this thread.

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