NOTICE: EXT.NET Pricing and Licensing Change

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    Hello @Semasio,

    Welcome to the Ext.NET forums!

    There is no upgrade option from 2.x to 3.x.

    The only way is to buy a new 3.x license.
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    It just doesn't make any sense to me.

    I am a single developer so if i pay €3500 i am basically taking over €2500 cash (the other 4 licences which i don't want or need) and putting a match to it. That is a lot of money to burn.

    I know this is out of your control and you have said pretty much all there is to say about it. I just wanted to express my frustration.

    Its like Ryanair changing their policy to only sell "5 seat" packages for their flights. Or McDonalds only selling 5 burger meals. I only want one burger.

    Hopefully they will change their minds.
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    I have the same issue. What I don't understand is why is Ext.Net forced to sell licenses for 5 minimum? I don't know what kind of understanding you have with Sencha - usually the devil is in the details - but the way I see it, Ext.Net probably pays a certain percentage of a license cost back to Sencha. What difference does it make to Sencha whether you sell 5 or you sell 2 or sell 3 as long as you sell X amount of licenses, and does it matter whether X divides by 5? To compare Ext.Net with a retailer, the retailer buys merchandise from a distributor by the boxes that contain packages and the retailer sells by the package to individual customers. Does a distributor care about how the retailer sells his merchandise by the package or whether it sold an entire box vs. by the package?

    Let's talk about support. Sencha might say support costs will increase because you have more people submitting support requests. In your case your company offers support and it is one of the best I've seen, and you buffer Sencha from requests. Mostly bugs in ExtJs go over the fence to Sencha.

    It is extremely sad. I am an individual contractor. So far my clients paid for the licenses and I didn't buy my own license. I am thinking of developing my own product using ExtJs/Ext.Net. Why should I pay for 5 licenses when I need only one? Because I am not an Enterprise that has deep pockets, I cannot use your products unless I pay premium money. Does it make sense ?? And why 5 users? Why not 4 or 3? Our team had 3 developers. When projects switch to sustainment mode there are less people anyway.

    The other side of the coin is that some companies probably didn't pay for all the developers that used the products. If they all paid their dues we wouldn't have this mess.

    I understand that the relationship with Sencha is a delicate one, in the end without their library you don't have your major product and you don't want to upset them.

    Well, it might be time to look at alternatives or use the gpl versions, if you can.
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    I'm a single developer and I also have the same problem.
    I'm still developing with version 2.x with projects started with 2.x.
    For new projects I use others products ...
    When Sencha will notice that it is losing developers (those who feed them) maybe it will change the pricing policies, but it may be too late because it is difficult to recover a lost customer.
    I hope that the EXT.NET team forward to Sencha these our disappointments.

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    I would be very curious to see some numbers, to get an idea whether this move increased the income for Ext.Net & Sencha or not, or perhaps get some confirmation that yes, the move led to more income for Ext.Net, let's say.

    I think they are still riding the wave from the old customers that renewed their support licenses. A lot of projects probably will need to be upgraded in the future, but that need may not be so pressing, unless they start having problems with the new versions of the browsers. And it will be interesting to see if the existing customers are willing to pay the money for the 5 user Ext.Net 4 license.

    I guess time will tell.
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    Thanks @Mario and @bogc for the recent comments.

    The other side of the coin is that some companies probably didn't pay for all the developers that used the products. If they all paid their dues we wouldn't have this mess.
    Yes, I think this had a lot to do with Sencha's decision. Given the amount of companies pulling this shit with us, I can only imagine what Sencha was dealing with.

    Anyways, the decision is not going to be reversed by Sencha, and I don't think there's much I can add beyond what has already been said.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    At what point do you guys have to say enough is enough! Small developer, can't afford as it is now sencha is upping the price by thousands!

    This only serves to marginlise the framework, and put it out of reach of developers. Without more of us how can you grow your business? I upgraded to v3 to get in before the 5 licence hit, but now $10k for 4.1 and no pivot gird not even the option to buy it. Very little reason for me to even think about upgrading.

    I am more likely to look for alternatives! and next upgrade cycle for clients recommend them to change frameworks.
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    I was in the process of trying convincing my boss to buy V4 for the €3500 but now i have not a hope (nor the will) with this new increase to €5000.

    I wish now that i had not poured years of development into to now be left at a dead end. I do not blame ye. I have got years of great support and development from and i thank ye for that. And i imagine that you are not happy with this decision either.

    But at the same time I bought into this system at less than a 800 euro only to be faced now with a total rewrite of the entire system with a new framework as a result of being out priced. And unfairly at that as per my previous comment that i only want and use 1 licence.

    A question on the 5 licence package...
    As i just want and am Genuinely only using one licence, and i believe that other people who have replied in this thread may be in the same situation, can we, in the Irish sense of the term "Chip In" on a 5 licence package? i.e. can the licences be split between different companies or do they need to be within the same company?

    I am trying to find a way forward with this. We are a small and growing company and i hope we will get to the point where we use 5 licences. But its not for now.
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    From 3.500 € to 5.000 € for a single developer ???!!!
    WOW... Madness !
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    From 3.500 € to 5.000 € for a single developer ???!!!
    Just so there is no misunderstandings, I need to correct the above comment.

    1. Ext.NET Enterprise pricing is changing from $3499 USD to $4999 USD. Yes, the USD>Euro exchange rate is close right now, although as currencies fluctuate in the future the spread between USD>Euro may change. Ext.NET Enterprise is priced in USD. During checkout, you can choose to be charged in the currency of your choice, but that number is an exchange rate conversion from the USD base price.

    2. Ext.NET Enterprise includes up to 5 developers. It is not priced per developer. The new Ext.NET Enterprise pricing of $4999 USD would include licensing and Premium Support for up to 5 developers.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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