NOTICE: EXT.NET Pricing and Licensing Change

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    I see that Sencha offers an Individual License of ext js (if you qualify)
    See it here

    For those that do qualify, is there an EXT.NET offering to match the Individual License?

    Thank you, sorry if this was already discussed.
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    I read Sencha's new price policy.
    I think Sencha did not understand what the developer's world is.

    Sencha's new proposal is fool for three simple reasons:

    1) Why should I have to share all my corporate data in Sencha for a license ... why should I do so?

    2) Why move the budget issue from my portfolio to that of the customer?
    We do a lot to get a job at a lower price, increase the final price with the license fee (still too high) is absurd and stupid.

    3) Because the overwhelming majority of the developers want to feel free to develop for what and how many customers they want without paying extra costs.

    Fortunately there are dozens of alternatives, Sencha is out of the world ...
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    Currently, there is no single developer license option for Ext.NET. Only Ext.NET Enterprise is available.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    If anyone is still following this thread, we would like to inform everyone that Ext.NET Single Developer licenses are back. Details available on the pricing page.

    We will be making an official announcement on August 12, 2019.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Geoffrey McGill
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