[CLOSED] Install Error within Visual Studio 2013

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    [CLOSED] Install Error within Visual Studio 2013


    I was trouble in install Ext.Net within Visual Studio 2013 and MS Window Server 2012.
    There is an Error Message like "HTTP Error 404.0- Not Found" while I run the page of Ext.Net.Default.aspx.
    Could you help me how to solve this problem?
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    Can you paste the error message text? That will allow us to translate the text.

    Is the Ext.Net.Default.aspx file in the root of your web forms project?
    Geoffrey McGill
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    attached error page source

    I attached error web page source.
    Attachment 16521
    The Ext.Net.Default.aspx file is in the root of my web forms project.
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    I don't see ".aspx" in your url (just page name without extension)
    Is it intentional?

    404 error means that a server cannot find requested page (wrong url). It is not related with Ext.Net
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    About your answer

    I do not understand what you meant above.
    When I install visual studio 2012 in same environment with window server 2012, EXT.net.default.aspx were working well.
    But when I install visual studio 2013, "Default.aspx" worked well but "EXT.net.default.aspx" didn't work at all.
    So I think there is no problem with wetsite and URL.

    Is there any compatibility problem between VS2013 version and EXT.net 2.5.3 version?
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    The url you are browsing to does not have the .aspx extension.

    http://localhost:55619/Ext.NET.Default.aspx <-- you are missing .aspx extension
    Geoffrey McGill

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