[CLOSED] Scope in Column Renderer is ignored

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    [CLOSED] Scope in Column Renderer is ignored


    I have found something unusual (or maybe not) ...

    If you want to set Scope of Column Renderer normally you would add it to the Renderer. For some reason that Scope is ignored. I though I have stuck but then tried to put Scope in Column like that:

            Fn="my_scope.my_renderer" />

    and it is working fine. Parameter scope: my_scope is correctly generated in JS.

    Please, let me know if that was intentional or it is a bug.

    Thank you
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    Hi @matt,

    Indeed, the Renderer's Scope is not used anywhere. It doesn't work and, actually, it is not supposed. We will remove it.

    Thank you for pointing out the problem!
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    Thank you. Can I assume we will be using Scope in Column or it will be fixed so Scope in Renderer will not be ignored ?
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    Yes, please use a Column's Scope.
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    The Renderer's Scope property has been removed in SVN, the revision #6172.

    Thank you for pointing our the problem.

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