[CLOSED] Expand get collapsed after message box OK button click

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    [CLOSED] Expand get collapsed after message box OK button click

    I need to validate a combo on button click and if not validate then show a message box and combo get expand,but combo collapse after message box ok button click.please see the code.

            new ListItem("VALUE 1","1"),
            new ListItem("VALUE 2","2"),
            new ListItem("VALUE 3","3")
            .Text("Validate Combo")
            .Listeners(l =>
                    l.Click.Handler = @"if(App.combo.getValue()<=0)
                                             msg: 'Select a value from combo.',
                                             buttons: Ext.Msg.OK,
                                             icon: Ext.Msg.INFO
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    Hi @matrixwebtech,

    It is how a ComboBox behaves. It hides it drop down list then something else is clicked.

    I would recommend you to consider some other way to notify a problem to a user without leading him to click something. Maybe, the standard validation mechanism.

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