[CLOSED] Populate GridPanel via RESTFUL SVC

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    [CLOSED] Populate GridPanel via RESTFUL SVC


    I have a service that response to URL:

    The format of "GetRecords" output is JSON

    Can you explain me an example for use this service for populate a GridPanel?

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    Hi Mario,

    I think we don't have an example with SVC, but we have a Restful example. Maybe, it might clarify something to you.
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    If your service is located in the different domain then you have to use JsonP proxy (your service have to support JsonP) or you can use page proxy and request data in code behind using WebRequest class
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Tnx Daniil,

    your example is interesting... but not work with my SVC (WCF) service.
    Unfortunately I need use a SVC service and I must be able to pass parameters programmatically.

    Can you help me?

    The sample code is appreciated.
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    I am afraid we don't have an example with SVC.

    Please clarify have you tried any Vladimir's suggestion?

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