[CLOSED] TreePanel - selection moves the node 1 or 2 pixels up

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    [CLOSED] TreePanel - selection moves the node 1 or 2 pixels up

    This might not be a bug, it might be just as it is... Fortunately you can see this behavior in the ext.net examples app.

    To reproduce (I used FF 32.0.3, IE 11 & Chrome 37.0.2062.124 m ):

    1. Go to the examples url: http://examples2.ext.net/
    2. Click on the Getting Started node. As soon as you do it the label is shifted up and the node is expanded. The Introduction and Release Documents nodes are visible.
    3. Now press the down arrow to navigate through nodes. As you move from one node to another each selected node is shifted 1 or 2 pixels up. When the node is deselected, the node is shifted back.

    Is this normal? It didn't do it in the 2.1.1 version of Ext.Net.

    Also, it doesn't do it in all the treepanels. In this sample: http://examples2.ext.net/#/Kitchen_S...sic_TreePanel/ all three treepanels are ok.

    This ExtJs sample is ok too: http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.3/e.../#tree-reorder.

    I just find it odd to move the label in the node when it is selected. The same thing happens in my app in a treepanel that I use as menu to launch pages (same as the examples app). It actually doesn't happen in all treepanels.

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    Hi @bogc,

    There is the main.css file attached on the examples main page. It deals with the TreePanel's nodes as well to increase its height. It also deals with padding and margin. I think padding is changed if select/focus a node and it causes shifting.

    Actually, this shifting has annoyed me a bit as well. Though, I have never investigated it yet. Probably, it is time to sort it out. I will try to update the CSS rules to avoid that shifting.
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    I've finally created an Issue.

    Fixed in the revision #6049.

    I've update the online Examples Explorers also. No annoying shifting now. Needs to clear a browser's cache.

    Thank you for the report.
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    Thank you!

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