Default values in FilterHeader Plugin

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    Default values in FilterHeader Plugin


    How can I have in the FilterdHeader plugin, a default value. So when the user gets into the webpage it already has a filter applied. So I can avoid double trip to get the initial store I wish.

    In this case:

    How can I put a default filter on the "Visible" field. I need by default appears in the filter field a "0", and so show in the grid just the Visible="No".

    By the way, in the example above (Remote Filter), if you code the "Clear Filters" button like this example:

    It throws an error if your first action is clicking in this button, but if first apply manually a filter, and later click in the "Clear Filters" button it works ok.

    This is the markup I put for generating the error in the Remote Filter example:
                            <ext:Toolbar runat="server" Dock="Bottom">
                                    <ext:Button runat="server" Text="Clear Filters" Handler="this.up('grid').filterHeader.setValue({Visible: '0'});">
    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi @iomega55,

    It throws an error
    Thank you for the report. I have created an Issue:

    As for your requirement of initial filtering, I can suggest to set this for the GridPanel:
        <ViewReady Fn="onViewReady" Delay="1" />
        var onViewReady = function (grid) {
            Ext.Array.each(grid.filterHeader.fields, function(field) {
                if (field.column.dataIndex === "Visible") {
                    return false;
    and AutoLoad="false" for the Store.

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