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    Hi guys

    Im currently performing an upgrade from 0.82 to 1.7. Although the majority of this was reasonably straight foward by a lot of copy and paste I am now finding a lot of obsecurities geting this to work as previously.

    These are quite time consuming as I'm having to trawl through the forums on Ext.Net and Sencha....I've managed to find workarounds and patches which are taking time and to be frank a little disconcerting as its not what I was expecting.

    I now need to go into the source to change some stuff but I've only been able to download the binaries via Nuget. My understanding of a pro license is that I get access to the source code. Are you able to adivse where I could download that from please?

    Kind Regards
    Glen Hong
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    Hi Glen,

    Access to the source code is available to Premium Members only.

    If you send a request to, we can send back an link to purchase a Premium Support subscription.
    Geoffrey McGill

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