[CLOSED] Custom SelectionModel

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    [CLOSED] Custom SelectionModel

    Good evening, I have a trivial question. I would like create a custom SelectionModel like CheckboxSelectionModel but I don't know how do it.
    How I can start?

    Thanks in advance
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    i don't understand how set javascript file
    Sorry, I don't quite understand what exactly you don't understand:) Please elaborate on that. What do you mean by "set JavaScript file"?
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    I already created custom controls and I set up javascript file this way (example):

    Ext.define('App.<ControlName>', {
    	extend: 'Ext.container.Container',
    	alias: 'widget.<ControlName>'
    	// ... other code
    but with SelectionModel I don't know how start file client side file.
    I hope I was clear
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    Pretty much the same.

    You can review the CheckboxSelectionModel JavaScript class as an example.
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    thank you so much Daniil, this is exactly what I was looking for.
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