GridPanel commands loading mask

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    GridPanel commands loading mask


    I have the following GridPanel with row commands:

    	Title="SME Registered Visitors" 
    		<ext:Store runat="server">
    				<ext:Model runat="server" >
    						<ext:ModelField Name="ID" />
    						<ext:ModelField Name="ReferenceNumberID" />
    	<ColumnModel runat="server">
    			<ext:RowNumbererColumn Header="#" runat="server"  Align="Center" />            
    			<ext:Column runat="server" Align="Center" Text="Ref. Number" DataIndex="ReferenceNumberID" />
    			<ext:CommandColumn runat="server" Width="120">
    				<ext:GridCommand Icon="ArrowDown">
    					<Menu EnableScrolling="false">
    							<ext:MenuCommand Text="Send English Email" Icon="Email" CommandName="EnMail" />
    							<ext:MenuCommand Text="Send Arabic Email" Icon="Email" CommandName="ArMail" />
    					<ToolTip Text="Re-sending Welcoming Email" />
    				<ext:CommandSeparator />
    				<ext:GridCommand Icon="Delete" CommandName="Delete">
    					<ToolTip Text="Delete" />
    				<ext:CommandSeparator />
    				<ext:GridCommand Icon="NoteEdit" CommandName="Edit">
    					<ToolTip Text="Edit" />
    				<ext:CommandSeparator />
    				<ext:GridCommand Icon="DiskDownload" CommandName="Download">
    					<ToolTip Text="Download Attachment" />
    				<PrepareToolbar Fn="prepareVisitorsGridToolbar" />
    					<Command  Handler="#{DirectMethods}.routeCommand(command,, { isUpload: true });" />
    Note that I remove un-needed definitions to simplify the code.

    What I want to achieve is to show loading/sending message over the grid itself when the user choose send email command:

    <ext:MenuCommand Text="Send English Email" Icon="Email" CommandName="EnMail" />
    <EventMask ShowMask="true" Msg="Sending..." Target="CustomTarget" CustomTarget="={#{VisitorsGV}.body}" />
    How to achieve this?

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    Any updates?
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    No updates?
    Is it possible?

    Why long time no answer.

    Ali Alaswad
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    You can set mask on DirectMethod attribute or set mask in config object and pass to direct method as last argument

    Please see the following sample ()section 7
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Thanks Vladimir,

    <Command  Handler="#{DirectMethods}.routeCommand(command,,  { isUpload:  true , eventMask: { showMask: true, minDelay: 500, msg: 'Sending...'}});" />

    But the problem is: the loading is shown for all commands of the grid, I want to display mask only with "EnMail" and "ArMail".

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    Please don't use the "eventMask" config for all the commands except those that you need a mask with.
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    How to achieve that?
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    I guess something like that:

    if (command === "command1" || command === "command2") {, { eventMask: { ... }});
    } else {;

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