MultiUpload Progress Bar not working

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    MultiUpload Progress Bar not working


    I tried the Grid example by copying it from Example Explorer (ASPX Web form)

    I tried it on live server, but the progress bar is not working.

    It shows sending with 0%, than after a while 100% and done!

    No fragment/chunk percentage update at all. just 0 and 100.

    I tried with different file sizes, but always same.

    Please help!
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    It seems uploadprogress handler not working at all.

    <UploadProgress Handler="updateRecord(, 'progress', Math.round(bytesComplete / bytesTotal));" />
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    Hi @GKG4,

    Please clarify what size of the file that you are testing with?

    In any way it cannot be more than 4 megabytes which is ASP.NET maxRequestLength (i.e. file size limit) by default.

    I guess it might be uploaded too quick and UploadProgress doesn't fire.

    Here is a quote from SWFUpload documentation. It is a base of MultiUpload.

    uploadProgress(file object, bytes complete, total bytes)

    The uploadProgress event is fired periodically by the Flash Control. This event is useful for providing UI updates on the page.
    Note: The Linux Flash Player fires a single uploadProgress event after the entire file has been uploaded. This is a bug in the Linux Flash Player that we cannot work around.
    Set using the upload_progress_handler setting.
    So, it states "periodically". I guess an exact period is under the Flash Control.

    To prove that UploadProgress works, I've deployed this page.

    You can try to upload a file (up to 150 MB), then see a browser's console.

    There should appear information according:
    <UploadProgress Handler="console.log('UploadProgress', arguments);" />
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    thanks, but this is not what I was talking about.

    Your Grid multiupload example is what I was trying.
    I know the default upload limit, and already increased it to 500 MB
    The problem is not with the upload.
    File is uploading perfectly, its just not showing upload progress.
    Its either 0 or 100, no increments at all, even when the total time too to upload a file is more than 5 minutes.

    Which makes its confusing whether process of upload is going on or stuck.

    The example which you gave me also had nothing like progress bar, instead its showing waiting bar, and not the live progress of uploaded file.
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    I figured the error, in your grid multiupload example, you used

    <UploadProgress Handler="updateRecord(, 'progress', Math.round(bytesComplete / bytesTotal));" />

     Math.round(bytesComplete / bytesTotal)
    is keeping value either 0 or 1, so it needs to be changed to

    (bytesComplete / bytesTotal)
    to get proper decimal values to make progress bar work.
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    Oh, for some reason I thought that you mean that the UploadProgress doesn't fire at all.

    Thank you for your investigation. I've corrected the online example and will commit the change to SVN.

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