[CLOSED] Session Timeout with Countdown Alert

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    [CLOSED] Session Timeout with Countdown Alert

    I have read through the excellent post below, but before integrating it into my application (using Ext.Net v2) I was wondering if anyone else has suggestions or thoughts.

    How To Timeout (Client-Side) using postMessage (HTML5) with Countdown alert
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    Hi Chris,

    The approach seems to require HTML5. I remember you have dealt with legacy browsers like IE6. Just please note that the approach is not going to work with browsers which don't support HTML5.

    It seems I have no more thoughts on the topic:)
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    Didn't think of that. Last month browser hits statistics show:

    IE - 93.1%

    IE6 - 0%
    IE7 - 21.8%
    IE8 - 34.3%
    IE9 - 30.1%
    IE10 - 10.5%
    IE11 - 3.4%

    Firefox - 5.9%
    Chrome - 1.0%
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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for sharing those stats. Nice to see IE6 has finally disappeared.

    Something to keep in mind if you're thinking of upgrading to Ext.NET 3.0, support has been dropped for IE6 and IE7.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Thanks for the information, I was think about upgrading sooner then later, but will hold off for a while.

    I have collected monthly browser statistics since Jan 2010. It is interesting to watch the changes. Our websites run on a secured network accessed from around the world. We audit every hit and thus I can tell who is still accessing us via various browser versions. In the past I have emailed organizations still using older browser versions to ask why they are so far behind the times and they have upgraded.

    I will begin the process with IE 7 to see if it is just a couple of organizations and if I can get them to upgrade.
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    Good luck with getting rid of IE7:)

    I am closing the thread. If you need any assistance more, please feel free to post anyway.

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