[CLOSED] Expanding many rows at the same time

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    [CLOSED] Expanding many rows at the same time

    I am having problem using row expander with 'Has Many Associations'. There are about 80 rows that need to be expanded at page load, each rows has child, those child are called from database. The problem is when I try to call the expandall function from code behind which means expanding all rows at the same time, the browser will always crash. I bind the grid parent rows from code behind and the child rows using afterrender listeners from the aspx form.

    Could you please give me a suggestion on how to do this the easier and faster way?

    Thank You
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    Hi @redi,

    So, 80 rows in the parent GridPanel.

    How many records do you load into the child GridPanels?
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    Yes, 80 Parent rows and each parent has one child row.
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    What is the RowExpander's Component?

    Please provide a test case to reproduce the problem. We will review.

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