[CLOSED] EXT.NET 3.0 Changelog

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    [CLOSED] EXT.NET 3.0 Changelog


    In relation with threads:

    [OPEN] [#10] Memory leaks‎

    [CLOSED] ExtJS 5.0 Beta and the Crisp Theme

    We would like to know if there exists a changelog of Ext.NET v3 changes, in order to estimate our migration process to this newer version, if memory leaks problems would be solved.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi @softmachine2011,

    This post is still actual.

    Ext.NET v3 is not ready yet to test this memory leaking issue.
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    Thanks @Daniil,

    but is there any changelog at the moment regarding to changes performed with respect to previous versions?

    We would like to estimate the scale of our migration process.

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    Ext.NET v3 sources are here:

    There is BREAKING_CHANGES.txt.

    I think this file is going to be updated with new items.

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