[CLOSED] Grid numbercolumn format with parentheses around negative numbers

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    [CLOSED] Grid numbercolumn format with parentheses around negative numbers

    In finance, negative numbers should have () around them instead of - sign. In .NET, it's easy to use a formatstring of "$#,##;($#,##)" to accomplish this. Is there an equivalent in ExtJS for format property of NumberColumn? It seems like NumberColumn uses Ext.util.Format.number in the backend, and that function doesn't seem to support the format string.

    >> Ext.util.Format.number(-123.50, '$#,##;($#,##)') 
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    Hi @jchau,

    It looks there is no such the possibility. You could extend/override Ext.util.Format's number method.
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    Ok, thanks for the update. We found another JS library for number formatting.
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    Could you, please, share a link?
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