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    Mono Support

    Hi Folks

    This looks like a fantastic effort! The sheer quantity of JS in ExtJS is somewhat overwhelming to those of us who are happy in the confines of c# and aspx designers, so you're library should bridge the gap nicely.

    2 Questions...

    Q1. Are there any plans for Mono support? It would be great if there were :)

    Q2. How commercial licensing work with a product that is packaged and re-sold. Would I pay you guys, and then you'd pay ExtJS? Or would I have to buy 2 licenses, one from you and one from ExtJS?

    Many thanks


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    RE: Mono Support

    Hi Tobin,

    Thanks for the feedback!
    1. Full Mono support is certainly a goal, although personally I have not used Mono, so I'm a little unframilar with the requirements. But, I am certainly willing to work closely with anyone that is willing to test the controls and has recommendations for providing Mono support.
    2. Once the Coolite Commercial License is released it will include a full ExtJS Commercial License. There will be no need to acquire separate licenses. The commercial license for the Coolite controls will be effectively the same as the ExtJS commercial license. Following the terms and conditions of one will comply with the other.

      ExtJS Commercial License
    I hope this helps answer your questions.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Mono Support

    Hi Geoffrey

    Thanks for the reply - that's exactly what I wanted to hear, on both counts :)

    I'm new to Mono, and only fired it up on my Mac a few days ago. Some of the VS luxuries aren't available, but MonoDevelop can load most SLN projects and gives good intellisense, code navigation and refactoring.

    Despite being a newby, I'd be really interested to see how close your current build is to working on Mono. Having a product that can run in a Linux farm is important to me. I'm evaluating AJAX frameworks right now, so haven't committed to ExtJS or any others yet, but it has some very promising qualities. Coolite would make using them a walk in the park for ASP.NET folks and therefore much more valuable :)

    On a tangent, do you have any thoughts/plans for ASP.NET MVC?

    It seems there is a gap in the market for this right now. Depending on how much you use ViewState and Page Lifecycle, you might find adding support easy (if there's a business case of course). I blogged a bit about the ASP.NET MVC Ajax story here.

    The Licensing sounds perfect btw, thanks again for the reply.

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    RE: Mono Support

    > On a tangent, do you have any thoughts/plans for ASP.NET MVC?

    ;-) You should see the smirk on my face right now. Yes, I have some thoughts, a plan, and actually... I have something working. I've said too much.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Mono Support

    Wow, something working!? That's awesome :) That makes me, and every other ALT.NETter on the planet very happy I imagine :)

    I bet it would port to Castle MonoRail nicely too!...

    Looking forward to hearing more.

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