[CLOSED] Add filter button to grid column header

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    [CLOSED] Add filter button to grid column header

    Is it possible to add a tool button to a grid column header? For example, I want to add a Filter icon to the grid column header that when clicked will launch a column filter dialog. I attached a sample image of how our existing grid looks.

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    RE: [CLOSED] Add filter button to grid column header


    It is not so easy accomplish. Many changes in ExtJS code

    1. Need change header cell template (GridView.js, initTemplates function, hcell template)
    2. Intercept click (GridPanel.js, onClick function changing), check target (for example e.getTarget().hasClass('my-filter-icon-Company')) and if target is correct then performs own action

    May be it is better to create second HeaderRow with filter buttons?

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