[CLOSED] Thousand separator in NumberField

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    [CLOSED] Thousand separator in NumberField


    We would like to know if we can use a thousand separator on a NumberField. We are aware of the fact that we can use a TextField instead, but that is out of the question for us, and we insist on using a NumberField.

    We also tried using formatting

    <Blur Handler="this.setRawValue(Ext.util.Format.number(this.getValue(), '0,000.00'));" />
    but unfortunately any number taken after the comma is disregarded (e.g, 12,000 is considered as 12) and this does not work for us.

    Also, we are using Ext version 2.4.

    Your help is very much appreciated.
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    Unfortunatelly, NumberField doesn't support formating
    It is required to make many overrides in NumberField javascript code to support formating

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