hi there, i have two problems currently.
One: I am using the Desktop and I have shortcuts, but none of the shortcuts work. they do not open any of the windows. here is how they are set up
<ext:DesktopShortcut ShortcutID="VolumeShortcut" ModuleID="VolumeListModule" Text="List of Volumes" />
<ext:DesktopShortcut ShortcutID="LoadDataShortcut" ModuleID="LoadDataModule" Text="Load Data" IconCls="loaddata" />
I have a long method. I want to have some sort of a progress bar for the method. I use the tutorials to setup the progressbar config and it runs just fine. the only problem is that it runs after my long process runs. here is the way it is setup to run
ProgressBar.WaitConfig config = new ProgressBar.WaitConfig();
config.Interval = 200;
config.Text = "Updating Tables, Please Wait";
config.Duration = 30000;
ProgressBar1.Value = 0;
lblLoadStatus.Text = Transfer.CountAllRecords().ToString() + " Records Were Imported";
i just cant see what i am doing wrong, so i'm thinking that an extra set of eyes would be nice. Thanks in advance.