[CLOSED] Add event to tab from client side code

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    [CLOSED] Add event to tab from client side code

    I add tabs to tabpanel with bellow code

    var AddTab = function (tabPanel, URL,TITLE) {
           var tab = tabPanel.add({
               title: TITLE,
                closable: true,
                loader: {
                    renderer: "frame",
                    loadMask: {
                        showMask: true,
                        //msg: "Loading " + record.data.text + "..."
                autoScroll: false,
                border: false,
    how I declare close and active event for this tab in this script?
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    Hi @matrixwebtech,

    How would you define them for an <ext:Panel> via markup?
    <ext:Panel runat="server">
            <Activate Handler="onActivate" />
    You could run a simple .aspx containing that Panel in the <body> and see the rendered JavaScript. Open Page Source in a browser and search for this script.
    Ext.onReady(function() { ... });
    Inside that script you will find a listeners section.

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