Set disable menu commands

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    Set disable menu commands

    I have a GridCommand and i can't disable a Menu command.
    I try:

    GridPanel.colModel.columns[9].commands[0].menu.items[0].disabled = false;
    GridPanel.colModel.columns[9].commands[0].menu.items[1].disabled = true;
    GridPanel.colModel.columns[9].commands[0].menu.items[2].disabled = true;
    GridPanel.colModel.columns[9].commands[0].menu.items[3].disabled = false;
    for each menu command but all remain enable. It's possible disable its according to criteria?

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    RE: Set disable menu commands


    GridPanel1.colModel.columns[5].commands[0].disabled = true;
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    RE: Set disable menu commands

    GridPanel.colModel.columns[9].commands[0].menu.items[0].disabled = true;
    GridPanel.view.refresh() ;
    GridPanel.view.refresh() is undefined.

    And the menu is not deployed. I have some Icons in the menu and i want to make disable only one ot them. I don't want to disable all the column. There is another way to do it?


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