Here's an email response to some questions that others might find helpful...


1. At this moment I have one developer working for me. In November two other developers will be added to our payroll. How do I purchase licenses regarding to that.

You can purchase Developer Licenses on an as needed basis from If at some point you wish to upgrade to a Team License, we can credit your previous purchases against the Team License fee.

2. Does the annual subscription costs include annual license cost? For example do I pay for 1 license at $399,- once and every year $299,- for the subscriptions?

Once a license is purchased, the license itself does not expire. If you purchase prior to the v1.0 release, you are also entitled to a free upgrade to v1.0 and all v1.x upgrades.

The Support Subscription is an annual fee if you wish to continue with the premium support. This is not required for licensing. There will also be a discount for Support Subscription renewals... probably 25-40%. More information and Support Subscription pricing is available at

3. I read at ExtJS's site that version 3.0 is available. How far is Coolite? Could you please shed some light on the roadmap. The information regarding the roadmap on your website is not really enough to get more insight.

At this point (2009-06-18) ExtJS 3.0 has not been officially released. We have started the process of integrating ExtJS 3.0 and our v1.0 release will include ExtJS 3.0.

There is no firm time frame for the public v1.0 release, but an initial preview will be available to Support Subscription holders soon.

I'll update the RoadMap ( soon to reflect our current schedule and plans.

4. Our applications mimic (at least we want to) Office 2007 look and feel , Is there anything like the Ribbon control available In Coolite.

The following Button Group functionality will be supported in v1.0, see

5. Since you are the Coolite experts, do you accept contracting work next to your Coolite development? For example creating custom controls (like Office Ribbon and developing custom themes). If possible please specify pricing indication.

In general, we are not available for contracting work, but please feel free to contact us ( if you have specific requirements and we can discuss. We do hope to provide contracting and training services soon, but currently our focus is on finishing the v1.0 release.

6. How much in percentage does Coolite represent ExtJS. Is everything in ExtJS also implemented in Coolite or Coolite contains only X% of ExtJS.

In general we support more components than what is available in the ExtJS download. There are many extra Extensions and Plugins included in the Toolkit. If there's something specific you feel we're missing, please let us know and we'll do our best to include.

7. Is there a release cycle (every 6 months for example) for Coolite or do you depend on ExtJS's releases.

At this point there's no official release cycle, but expect a big release every 3-6 months.

Hope this helps.