How to mix Coolite with ExtJs?

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    How to mix Coolite with ExtJs?

    Because I have yet to find a solution to be able to instantiate two or more copies of a single window with Coolite at run time, I have resorted to using the ExtJs Window object in JavaScript. I then specify the autoLoad URL to that of an ASPX page that contains some Coolite controls. However, the Window becomes unstable to acts weird, like when resizing it goes crazy and finally disappears. Seems like there is a conflict somewhere betwen Coolite and ExtJs.

    So a simple test case would be to create a simple ASPX page with a single Coolite conrol on it like an ImageButton. Then, create a ExtJs window with the ASPX page specified as the autoLoad URL. It goes crazy when you try to resize the window.

    Anyone have any luck with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    RE: How to mix Coolite with ExtJs?

    Lots of people here are autoloading multiple aspx pages inside the TabPanel tabs. I've seen it freak out when using basic panels to do this ... but the tabPanels seem to work great. I am guessing Windows will work as well. I'm 90% coolite and 10% ExtJS so creating ExtJS panels and autoloading coolite pages in them is the opposite of my approach.

    Link to example:

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