[CLOSED] Fill controls from controller with model binding

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    [CLOSED] Fill controls from controller with model binding

    I dont know surely,I am correct or wrong

                                                X.DisplayField().Flex(1).Html(" "),
    I have some controls like these and bind with model.


      public ActionResult Edit(string selected)
                SelectedRowCollection src = JSON.Deserialize<SelectedRowCollection>(selected);
                Int64 lRecordID = 0;
                foreach (SelectedRow row in src)
                    lRecordID = Convert.ToInt64(row.RecordID);
                tbl_PM_ProjectInformation _tbl_PM_ProjectInformation = new tbl_PM_ProjectInformation();
                _tbl_PM_ProjectInformation.ProjectID = lRecordID;
                _tbl_PM_ProjectInformation = _ProjectInformation.pm_projectinformation_GetByProjectID(_tbl_PM_ProjectInformation);
                //X.GetCmp<TextField>("txtUOMName").Text = _tbl_Pur_MasterUOM.UOMName;
                //X.GetCmp<TextField>("txtUOMType").Text = _tbl_Pur_MasterUOM.UOMType;
                //X.GetCmp<TextField>("txtDescription").Text = _tbl_Pur_MasterUOM.Description;
                return this.Direct(_tbl_PM_ProjectInformation);
    tbl_PM_ProjectInformation is my model,here i fill object of tbl_PM_ProjectInformation and return with Direct.

    Is there any way to fill controls in view from controller using this technique.please let me know ,its very helpful for me
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    Hi @matrixwebtech,

    So, just to clarify - would you like this
    return this.Direct(_tbl_PM_ProjectInformation);
    to cause retrieving the values from _tbl_PM_ProjectInformation Model and applying to the fields on client?

    I am afraid, there is no such the functionality.

    I think I would try to organize the things in the following way. Place all the fields associated to the Model into a partial view. If the Model is changed, then reload the partial view with that new Model.

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